ViKING RUNE for LOVE in Sterling Silver


Old Nordic Rune for Love . A permanent token of deep love. Rustic ring carved by hand in Sterling Silver

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This is a rustic ring inspired in the ancien viking jewelry. I had carved the rune for LOVE in each ring to enforce the power of the ring. Vikings were people in touch with the powers of Earth and they used runes for divination and magic.

AST is an icelanic word that comes from the old norse. It means love and I had carved in each ring the combination of the 3 runes that forms  the word.
Rune means mystery, secret or whisper. Each runic inscription has its own magic meaning. The Love symbol is an example of a Bind Rune, when two or more rune-staves are combined to further refine the power and aim of runic formulas.

The ring has a rustic shape and texture which turns these rings into unique jewels that you will keep forever as a magic recall of your love.

Each ring is made in Sterling Silver and it has been carved by hand in one solid piece. You can keep it as new just with a minimal maintenance with a periodical cleaning with a dry towel.

The men’s ring is a little wide and rought than the females one.
– 3 to 6 gr (depends on the size)
Men’s ring: 0.2 (6mm)
Female’s ring: 0.14 (4mm)
The rings are made in sterling silver

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