Viking Ring: YMIR (Stone) in Sterling Silver


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This ring is inspired in the viking legends and is made in sterling silver

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Viking ring inspired by the rocks born from the teeth of Ymir, father of all the giants after falling defeated against Odin.

This ring has a bare and elegant design and it is not as simple as you can think. This ring is inspired in the shape of the rocks and their aging among centuries with the erosion of water, cold and wind. This ring, as the rocks is special because it irregular shape is the result of time and experience, as your personality.

This is a handmade ring made in silver, carved by hand in one solid piece, which gives a unique shape to the ring.
Is a modern ring with multiple textures that gives it a tough but elegant look at the same time.
The finish is matte. The end result is a beautiful modern handmade look!

Each piece is handmade in our little atelier in Madrid, Spain, using solid metal in order to give them a perfect quality and look
The Ring is made of SILVER which is an elegant but very resistant material, light and easy to maintain. You can polish and clean it very carefully in order to keep the brilliance (I recommend to use an specific cleaning cloth) this way, you will keep it like the very first day.

This item comes in a beautiful and elegant black box with our logo printed in silver in the front that allows a SAFE SHIPPING AND CONSERVATION. A unique display for a special accessory.

If you like it or IF YOU THINK THAT SPECIAL PERSON WOULD LIKE IT, you can buy it here. If not, you can always send it to who you think may like it or add it to your wish list.

If you want to PERSONALIZE IT or if you have any question DON’T HESITATE TO CONVO ME and I can help you to turn your idea into a jewel that will love.

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