Cthulhu Tie Clip in Sterling Silver


This tie clip in Sterling Silver is inspired by the dreadful tentacles of Cthulhu, cosmic entity created by writer H.P Lovecraft’s


With this Tie Clip we tried to do something different and original, that is why the tentacles had a schematic and geometric design but at the same time it perfectly identifies the image of Cthulhu.
We find this design very elegant so you will be able to worship your favourite Elder God and at the same time feel classy and elegant at work, in your wedding or no matter where.
An indispensable accessory for an elegant man.

3D design technology combined with the handmade work turns this piece into an exclusive artwork that you will not find anywhere else.

All my jewelry is made by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques.
As with any hand crafted art, no two pieces will be 100% identical. This is not a flaw and only adds to the uniqueness of your jewelry.

** In the FAQ section of the shop you will find some tips about the metal care. Please read it carefully before placing the order.

Additional information

Weight 13 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 1.4 cm


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