CTHULHU Adjustable Ring in Golden Brass


Cthulhu adjustable ring in Golden Brass

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This ring is inspired in CTHULHU, Lovecraft’s cosmic monster.
Cthulhu is a Great old one and is described as a mix between an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature . He was also a gigantic entity worshipped by cultists and that’s exatelly what we are, freaky fans of Cthulhu.

We aso love H. P. Lovecraft’s life work. The Necromicon, Miskatonic University, The Yellow King, Dagon etc.. are part now of the popular culture and an inspiration of many films, comic and books so by creating this amazing ring way we pay tribute to this author and be sure that we will continue creating more jewelery based on Lovecraft’s creatures.

You will see many details in this piece. The tentacles are carefully carved and will delicately surround your finger.
Despite being a big ring is very comfortable to wear. You can use it to worship the dreaded Cthulhu or just want a wear every day, it doesn’t mind, this ring will be perfect for you.

The ring has not a shiny polished because we prefer a bit of an antiqued steampunk look .
We had also put a light patina on the ring and then hand polished it to achieve that perfect balance of highlights and shadows, what gives the figure more realism.

This is a unique and original ring made by hand and of Golden Brass
22.4mm/ 0.88 in (aprox, the surface of the ring is irregular)
Weight of 11 gr
** In the FAQ section of the shop, you will find some tips about the metal care. Please read it carafull.
***In order to keep the original brilliance of the brass I have apply a special VARNISH that will prevent the rust

You can also find this ring in Sterling Silver: https://www.sansanatelier.com/shop/geek_jewelry/cthulhu-adjustable-ring-in-sterlin-silver/

Please Note:
* All my jewelry is made by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques.
As with any hand crafted art, no two pieces will be 100% identical. This is not a flaw and only adds to the uniqueness of your jewelry.

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