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Tie Clip Batman Dark Knight in Silver


This is a handmade Tie Clip made in Silver inspired in DC comics, Batman: The Dark Knight . The item REPRESENTS THE BATMAN SYMBOL and will make THE BATMAN FANS feel elegant and themself at the same time.



“Batman is not one of these heroes that want to be unseen. Neither you will with this tie clip, no matter how dark will be the night or the hidden dangers you will face.”

Each piece is handmade in our little atelier in Madrid, Spain, using solid metal in order to give them a perfect quality and look.
This is a unique item made out of a PERSONAL DESIGN THAT I HAD MELT IN ONE PIECE, which turns this piece in an EXCLUSIVE CRAFTSMANSHIP WORK  that you will not find in any other shop.

If you are looking for a special ACCESORY for a WEDDING, no matter if you’re the groom, the best man or just a guest, this can be the perfect item because it gives a touch of elegance to your outfit at the same time that makes you feel very special.
Is also perfect for a casual day in the office. This Tie Clip can make a simple tie look awesome, different and UNIQUE!

This item comes in a beautiful and elegant black box with our logo printed in silver in the front that allows a SAFE SHIPPING AND CONSERVATION. A unique display for a special accessory.

If you like it or IF YOU THINK THAT SPECIAL PERSON WOULD LIKE IT, you can buy it here. If not, you can always send it to who you think may like it or add it to your wish list.
If you want to PERSONALIZE IT or if you have any question DON’T HESITATE TO CONVO ME and I can help you to turn your idea into a jewel that will love.

Additional information

Weight 6 g
Dimensions 2.3 cm



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