CUSTOM Tie Clip . PERSONALIZE your desings


Send us your design ir just an idea, and we will create a special jewel that it will last forever.



Ties are always related to a special event, a wedding, an important meeting, a meaningful gift, etc… And the best complement for a tie is a Tie Clip.
Tie Clips are an accessory is not only elegant and unique, it shows a lot of personality.

What we propose is to make something really special,a custom tie clip just for you. It can be something meaningful for you, like your little sun’s first drawing, or the instrument you love to play, or your favourite super hero sword. It can also be the emblem of your company and you can turn it in the perfect gift for your employees or co-workers. There are many things that you can turn into a beautiful and elegant accessory.

We can help you to create the perfect tie clip. Something special and unique. The 3D technology give us endless options and aloud as to give volumes, textures and intensity, everything you can imagine we can turn it into a beautiful masterpiece. So there are no limits!

Each piece is handmade in our little atelier in Madrid, Spain, using solid metal in order to give them a perfect quality and look


The process is very simple! Once you have placed your order, you can send us an email with your sugestions or  a picture of the idea you have in mind have attached. You can send us a scanner or just a photo.
I will do a 3D design based on the pic so you can see how it will look like. I will print it using a 3D printer and use this resin piece as a mould. Then by a manual melting process we get the final masterpiece.

*** The tie clips in the pictures are just an EXAMPLE of my work, is NOT IN SALE. Please note that prices will depend on the size and details of the piece. I will confirm the price once we agree on the final design.
*** We only work in silver
*** Arrives in a Gift Box


After we receive your payment, it usually takes around 15 days to create your custom piece. But this depends on the complexity of the piece and on our workload.


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