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Highly detailed design

As artists, the design of our pieces is the most important : to make them different, to make them unique. Each single piece is produced in its own way, but if they have something in common is the care that we put while we work on  them.

Our goal is to create out-of-the-ordinary and inimitable jewelry designs. Each of our models is  designed in-house and handcrafted to perfection.

We combine design with quality. We love to work with our customer’s ideas and sometimes is not easy to recreate what they have in mind, that is the moment where we have to put all our involvement  at your disposal. Depending on the piece that we want to do we use a different technique in order to obtain that special jewel that you will not find anywhere else.

Thanks to our experience  and the 3D technology we can obtain  highly detailed, attractive and elegant pieces in durable and high quality materials.

Every piece of jewelry is designed and meticulously handmade in our studio using semiprecious stones, sterling silver, Black Rhodium, Golden Brass, high quality leather, and other organic materials.