Geek Collection


Let’s be honest, it is pretty difficult to be in our thirties and still wearing geek jewelry; most of it is made for teenagers that don’t need to go at work dressed up every day

That is the reason why we started working, because we didn’t found elegant jewelry or complements that described who we are or the things we liked that were easy to wear in a daily basis, something Geek, classy but discreet at the same time.

Our favourite series are reflected in our pieces and we believe that our customers will appreciate that there is not a big company working behind, just a couple of Geeks that want to share his passion with people like them.

There is no need to say that everyone that works or collaborates in San San Atelier has a huge geek inside and because we love this world we put a lot of passion working in our different collections, all oriented to people like us; those who still keep their favourite childhood series in VHS, who loves to spend a Sunday afternoon playing retro-videogames or that felt like a little kid when they were waiting in the line to see the new Star Wars movie.


The kind of jewelry that we do is perfect for many different occasions: you can wear the same item on a wedding, on a casual day at the office or in the Comic-Con, and it will always give you a subtle touch of flair.

It’s a handmade work made by geeks for geeks, for people that  is not afraid to show who they are, that know what is cool and, overall, that love to be original and unique.

The inspiration comes in many forms, so if you have a cool idea don’t hesitate to contact us. We can create an awesome piece together!

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